End of Year Banner

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Here’s my presentation banner from last year’s design show.


Beautiful bike stand

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What a beautiful and elegant bike stand that uses the weight of the bike to pinch the back wheel between the two wooden plates.  Very tricky dicky!

Thinnest tap in the world!

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According to Yanko, this is the thinnest tap in the world.  Thank god for that!  If I had a penny for every time I heard, “that tap is too damn thick!  Why can’t someone design one that’s thinner!”  In any case, something to get you thinking for the Reece design awards which are right around the corner!  I’ll be posting my designs shortly…

Skull Chair

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The garden chair project is coming along nicely.  Today I finally got the chairs to stack and separate from a two-piece mold.  Here is a nice example of a skull chair which I came across today.  I’ll be posting pics of my design as soon as I get it rendered.  Stay tuned!

This totally made my day!

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I’m so glad the Tropfest judging panel didn’t pick another overly pretentious or politically correct submission.  This is wonderful!

3rd year is here!

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I’m now into my 3rd and final year of Product Design.  I’m glad to report that it’s mostly self driven projects.  I already have a whole bunch of ideas, many of which are bike related.  For Dave’s class, we have a short project to design a stackable garden chair.  Here is an early shot of my work in progress.  It still doesn’t stack and it still doesn’t seperate from a two part mold, but its shape is starting to come to life!

New Toaster Renders

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Here are a few renders from the ongoing Sunbeam project.