The Trickle Effect Wine Rack

The Trickle Effect is my final work for semester one.  It received equal second prize in a vote held among my peers.  I am quite happy with the final result although I am planning to get a working prototype done and there are going to be a few changes from the work I submitted.  I discovered that by removing the rail system and creating a simpler series of posts, it resolved several structural issues and resulted in a more elegant aesthetic.  Here are some images of the project along with some development pictures.  The first couple of images are of what the final model should look like.

Trickle Effect Ad 497

Alternate assembly with wall 497

Final assembly w wall 4

Final Render 498

Final esquisse 498

Trickle Effect esquisse 1

Fabric Winerack Orange 1


One Response to “The Trickle Effect Wine Rack”

  1. Carlos,
    I like the rack. I would like even more full of wine!

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