Design Concepts for the INDEX design challenge

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This brief has turned out to be a lot more challenging than I originally anticipated.  I have come up with three concepts of which the first two are variations of the same concept.  The first two concepts are possible solutions to the lack of resources for education in remote areas of Africa, especially with regard to the eduaction of children from nomadic tribes.  Both concepts are made from recycled tractor tyres that allow the whole contraption to be rolled from location to location.  The third concept is an attempt to address the problem of soap theft in African schools leading to an elevated level of dysentry among African school children.


Even more toasters…

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Weburbanist has just published a collection of funky toaster designs from around the world.  Probably a bit too late for most of us to radically change our designs, but interesting nonetheless.


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Going back to our project from first year, it seems that Alessi is getting into the highly competitive world of tablet design. The ‘L’ shaped stand has its uses when placed on a flat surface but it doesn’ t do it any favours the moment you want to put it into a bag.

Index Design Challenge

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Appologies for the extended break. The new term is upon us and we have a new design brief. The latest project is to design a product which will benefit the educational development of children in developing nations. All the information for the brief can be found on the INDEX design award website.

Final Render of the Toaster

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Just got this done last night (after several glasses of wine).  Not sure if it’s a bit too much.  What do you think?

Toaster Usability Graph

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The other day Andy directed me to  It’s a great place to grab just about any font under the sun.  A good one to check out before putting together a presentation.