Compress your images!

Hi everyone.  This is a message to everyone in second year product design.  As you all know, we are stuck with the word template from hell.  I spent most of Friday populating the template with all of my beautiful hi-res images from Kristy’s class.  Towards the end of the day, Word had had enough and decided to pack up shop.  Of course I hadn’t saved in a while and lost a whole bunch of formatting.  At this point I was about ready to put a foot through the screen.  I have spent a bit of time on it today and after crashing Word a few more times I have found that it really isn’t suited to handling large images.  Why are we then using it to compile an image based document you may ask?  Very good question indeed!  In any case, I have found a workaround which I can recommend to you all.  When inserting images into Word, under the picture tools format tab, there is a “compress picture” button.  Use it!!!  It will greatly reduce the file size of your document and should stop Word from having a melt down every two minutes.


~ by Carlos on 29/05/2010.

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