Some of the best lyrics since Dylan

For those of you unfamiliar with Nick Cave, here are the first two verses of
"No News from Nowhere".  Definitely sitting on the same shelf as Bob Dylan
and Leonard Cohen on a good day...

I walk into the corner of my room, see my friends in high places
I don't know which is which and whom is whom, they've stolen each other's faces
Janet is there with her high-hatting hair full of bedroom feathers
Janet is known to make dead men groan in any kind of weathers
I crawl over to her, I say hey baby, I say hey Janet
You are the one, you are the sun and I'm your dutiful planet
But she ain't down with any of that, she's heard that shit before
I say ah ha, oh yeah, you're right, cause I see Betty X standing by the door
With more news from nowhere
Now, Betty X is like Betty Y minus that fatal chromosome
Her hair is like the wine dark sea, on which sailors come home
I say hey baby, I say hey Betty X (I lean close up to her throat)
This light you're carrying is like a lamp, hanging from a distant boat
It is my light, said Betty X, Betty X says this light ain't yours
And so much wind blew through her words that I went rolling down the hall
For more news from nowhere

~ by Carlos on 20/04/2010.

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