Rapid Prototyping Services

As some of you know, I stopped in at Rapid Prototyping Services in St Peters this afternoon.  I was interested in getting some prices for a prototype of the paperknife in the previous post.  The prices were a bit more than what I had expected.  They are going to get back to me early next week to confirm everything but here are the ballpark figures they gave me:

Plastic Prototype raw finish – a few hundred bucks

Chrome finish – a couple of hundred more

Metal cast prototype – somewhere around (probably a bit over) 500 bucks

Wow.  That’s a lot of coin for a paperknife!  If those figures are in fact accurate, I’ll have to do some thinking as to whether it really is worth it to have it prototyped.  One option is to just get the raw plastic finish.  It gives you a good idea of scale but it does have a pretty crappy finish.  What to do??

Oh and for those of you thinking about prototyping things, make sure that it’s small.  I got the impression that my 20cm-long paperknife was on the large size and this was part of the reason for the price hike.  Don’t quote me on this but that’s the impression they gave me.


~ by Carlos on 30/10/2009.

4 Responses to “Rapid Prototyping Services”

  1. Wow good to know, I’ve been meaning to visit them for a while to get some info on the process. I think just go with the cheapest prototype and then mould in say silicon (2 part mould)(I emailed them before and asked if rapid prototype material would react with silicon etc – they said it wouldn’t but might want to double check)
    I think that is far the best option unless you were planning to manufacture or sell, in either case I think you would end up casting multiple times as described above anyway – you could even have a crack at metal casting your own, I have some good literature on casting in both plastics and metal if required, just let me know. Love to see the process you take and the final product should be good.

    This is just due to personal ambition?, we don’t have to do a prototype do we?

  2. Hey Zach,
    Thanks for the info. I’ll keep that in mind. I have until next week to make up my mind anyway. Perhaps if you could bring in some of the literature on Monday, I’d love to see how involved it really is to make a cast.

    And no we don’t have to prototype it. I just figure that with a project this size, it’d be pretty cool to actually go through with it. Anything bigger than a letter opener would be way too expensive.

  3. thats not sounding good for mine cos mines heaps bigger than your carlos, not impressed!! is the place at st peters prices identical to the one in china?

    • No Micheal they are not identical – cause the other one is in China…..in yo face

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