Maddy’s on Core 77!

I just saw that some of Maddy’s sketches made the Core 77 website for the 1 hour sketch competition.  Just goes to show that you should really get your work out there since you never know where it can turn up!  See the full article here.  Congratulations Maddy!


Here’s an excerpt from the article:  “Finally, don’t be afraid to enter just because you aren’t well versed in traditional methods of thumbnail sketching. This competition is about ideation and quality—the more variety in sketching style, the better. We love the immediacy of Madeleine_AR’s sketches (above): despite her iffy relationship with perspective, her forms vary widely and evoke a very particular Martino Gamper/Royal Tenenbaums quality.”

I love the fact that her sketches were likened to the Royal Tenenbaums!  How great is that!


~ by Carlos on 01/09/2009.

One Response to “Maddy’s on Core 77!”

  1. Haha Well! Its a big compliment to get a mention on both their site and yours! I’m Happy I put them up, especially with the intimidating competitors’ sketches of in perspective cars and perfectly placed lines!

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