A bit more about the prototype

So now that all the computer modelling is done, the next step in the process is to get a prototype made.  As part of the final assessment, I had to complete an esquisse which ended up being about 1/4 scale.  Below are some images of the final model.  The piping was made of aluminium rods with bits of DAS to form the organic blobs on the end of each rod.  The fabric sleeves were made of upholstery fabric.  Finally, the most difficult part of the job was to empty all the mini bottles of wine so they wouldn’t collapse the model with their weight.  What a night that was! 

As I mentioned, this is a 1/4 scale model, the next step would be to get a full scale prototype made.  I will be going with the design mentioned in my previous post where the rail structure is eliminated.  I have found a retired metal worker in Wollongong who is willing to make up a prototype from the blueprints.  I’ll let you all know how it goes over the coming weeks.


~ by Carlos on 24/06/2009.

9 Responses to “A bit more about the prototype”

  1. Im nominating you for first prize..woo! I enjoy the different approach to a wine rack that you have taken (especially the last concept that you produced – the one without the large rack) Hope to see it in production too.


  2. Hey mate, I’d like to nomiate your design for 2nd in the comp. It’s an interesting way to tackle storing bottles with are different shapes and sizes. It’s cool how the bottles form the organic feel.

    Cheers, Luke.

  3. i nominate you for 3rd prize because i think your design is very marketable, cheap to manufacture and i have seen nothing like it. Not to mention it’s beautiful aesthetic! well done carlos!

  4. I’d like to nominate your design for second prize in the ICON competition. I really like this design. It’s different & innovative & looks good too.

  5. I nominate you for second prize. Your design is a clever and simple way of adhering to Ross Lovegrove’s design principals but without the need for complex manufacturing processes.

  6. hey mate! I nominate your design for third prize, i really like the design, it’s unique and interesting whilst remaining functional. good luck!

  7. Hey mate, i’d like to give you my vote for second place for the ICON comp… Your design is great, really innovative and such a simplistic, great solution to both problems of the ICON brief and storing bottles of wine. Great work mate, best of luck…


    – Alex B. from 1B

  8. hey carlos!!!!
    i would like to nominate you for the third prize!!!!
    i love the idea!!! looking forward to see the full sacle one!!


  9. looks like ur a shoe in for third carlos lol, yeah i nominate u for third prize aswell. i think u really captured the feel of ross love groves design process in ur work, i love the concept personally, id have one in my own house, its a marketable affordable and well designed product, kudos

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