Done and Dusted.. for now

The submission date for the first project has come and gone.  I submitted the design shown in the pictures below.  The first lot of pictures were rendered through Solidworks and the second lot were done with Rhino.  I am reasonably pleased with the final outcome, although I think it could have gone further.  Late in the design process I came up with an alternative which ultimately would have worked better, although by this time it was too late to go and change everything before the final submission date.  For your viewing pleasure I did have time to come up with a quick render in Solidworks of where I am likely to take the project in the future.  I realised that by eliminating the rail structure completely, it gave more focus to the fabric sleeves which, essentially is where the real beauty of the design lies.  It would also reduce production costs and simplify several structural issues that I had with the design.  Now that there is no deadline looming over my head, I’ll continue plugging away at it and see where it takes me.  Eventually, I would love to see this thing built – at least get a functional prototype done.  I’ll keep you posted..


~ by Carlos on 19/06/2009.

2 Responses to “Done and Dusted.. for now”

  1. I would like to nominate you for third prize, because your design is awesome and very visually appealing!

  2. I am nominating you for 2nd prize. Really great idea. I can see how your desing relates to you inspiration very well.

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